Emory’s Approach to Treating Your Orthopedic Issues, Spine Injuries and Sports Injuries


艾滋病骨科和脊柱中心offers a full range of services to diagnose, treat and repair bones, joints and connective tissue, like muscles and tendons. From non-surgical treatments to surgical options, including spine surgery and total joint replacement, our goal is to help you return to a full and active lifestyle or work with you to develop strategies to improve your health.

亚特兰大猎鹰四分卫马特里安与Scott Boden,MD,MD,埃默里​​骨科和脊柱中心主任,关于埃默里医疗保健的肌肉骨骼学院治疗。

您的Emory Healthcare医疗团队将最常见的问题对该地区的儿童,青少年和成年人的最复杂的问题倾向于最复杂的问题。我们甚至有一个专注于整体护理的专业医院。

艾滋病骨科和脊柱中心gives you the benefits that come with an academic health system: pioneering research, innovative treatments that are available years before others can offer them, the latest technology and a seamless link to other specialized care within the most comprehensive academic health system in Georgia. Emory Healthcare’s orthopedic and spine programs are ranked among the top in the nation byU.S. News & World Report贝克尔的医院检查.

Our Sports Injury Doctors Can Help

如果您需要运动伤害医生,那么您就会到达正确的地方。Emory Sports Medicine Center为骨科和体育伤害提供创新的护理和康复。

Our expert sports medicine team has experience delivering focused care to athletes from every sport. Physicians and athletic trainers at the Emory Sports Medicine Center also serve as the team physicians and trainers for professional, collegiate, and high school athletic programs. Emory Healthcare is the official healthcare provider of theAtlanta Hawks,Atlanta Braves,Atlanta Falcons,亚特兰大梦想, and theHarlem Globetrotters, and takes care of college teams such as Georgia Tech, Emory University,克拉克亚特兰大大学和Oglethorpe University, as well as athletes in high school athletic programs at more than 20 metro Atlanta schools.

Official Sports Medicine Provider for:

Hawks 猎鹰队 Braves Dream Dream

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Emory Healthcare在亚特兰大的多个地点提供全面的矫形护理。德赢vwin体育官网我们拥有最高度训练的骨科和脊椎专家,共同努力诊断和治疗各种整形外科,脊柱和体育医学条件。

Our physicians use innovative approaches to care – many of them pioneered right here at Emory – to ease your pain and get you back to an active lifestyle.


Ambulatory Surgery Center –Emory Orthopaedics & Spine offers outpatient surgery centers that allow you to receive the treatment you need and go home the same day. Those centers are located at Executive Park, Dunwoody, Flowery Branche, and Spivey Station.

ac米兰携手德赢埃默里大学骨科和脊柱医院 -我们拥有矫形和脊柱手术的第一个和唯一的专用医院,需要一夜之间(住院医院)。

  • 每个医生,护士和工作人员都专门在骨科中专门从事骨科。
  • 医院客房和设备专为整形外科患者设计,并具有不受限制的访问时间。

Emory Musculoskeletal Institute- 18万平方英尺的肌肉骨骼学院专注于创新,改善患者的经验和研究,并将继续为患者的一个方便的位置提供所有肌肉骨骼服务。

物理疗法 -Our physical therapists are standing by to help you begin your road to recovery. We have multiple locations for your convenience.


艾滋病骨科和脊柱中心– Atlanta (Brookhaven)
21 Ortho Lane
Atlanta, GA 30324

Emory Sports Medicine Complex – Atlanta (Brookhaven)
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Emory Orthopedics&Spine Center - Dunwoody
Atlanta, GA 30329

艾滋病骨科和脊柱中心 - 华丽的分支
4450 Falcon Pkwy
Flowery Branch,GA 30542

艾滋病骨科和脊柱中心– Johns Creek
6335 Hospital Parkway, Suite 302
Johns Creek, GA 30097

艾滋病骨科和脊柱中心– Smyrna
3903 S Cobb Drive, SE, Suite 275
Smyrna, GA 30080

艾滋病骨科和脊柱中心– Spivey Station
Suite 220
7813 Spivey Station Boulevard
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emory骨科和脊柱中心 - Stonecrest
8225 Mall Pkwy
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艾滋病骨科和脊柱中心- Tucker
1459 Montreal Road E
Suite 305
Tucker, GA 30084

1014 Sycamore Drive
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