Vaccines – Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) Information

艾滋病医疗保健员工正在提供PFizer-Biontech和Moderna Covid-19疫苗,以预防SARS-COV-2引起的冠状病毒疾病2019(Covid-19)。以下的事实表包含有助于了解辉瑞 - Biontech和现代Covid-19疫苗的风险和优势,您可能会收到,因为目前有Covid-19流行病。

Vaccine Consent FormThe PDFs below are for reference only. Employees need to complete the electronic format of the consent in HOME to receive a link for their vaccination appointment.

Working Remotely

When working remotely, it’s important to maintain strong productivity and customer service standards. Technology plays an important role, but it can be challenging to get started and to know exactly what you need. The technology resources below will help you prepare to work remotely.

Clocking Your Time

  • All exempt employees, please use web clocking.
  • All non-exempt/hourly employees, if you’ve been approved to work from home, clock your time via phone.
  • 如果您忘记时钟时间,请尽快通知主管和计时员。


  • Ensure your computer is up to date with the latest security software.
  • While there is no requirement on internet speed for connecting to EHC’s network, for optimal use, your internet bandwidth should be higher than 2mbps.
  • For access to your data and applications and a variety of Emory resources (e-Vantage, Emory Box, etc.), you must authenticate through DUO.
    • If you are prompted to enter DUO credentials and you do not have a DUO account, call8-HELP(404-778-4357)与帐户设置。

For Remote Access to Virtual Desktop

  • If you need to set up your computer to access the virtual desktop environments to access your files and applications for the first time, click "View Setup" below for instructions and software downloads.
    • Note: If using Windows, you must have at least version 7 installed on your computer to download the virtual desktop software.
  • If you have already set your system up for remote access to the virtual desktop, you may access the virtual desktop using the Internet Explorer browser by clicking the "View VDT Login" below.


  • 更新您的语音邮件问候语以包括备用号码(手机或家庭电话)。
  • 将您的备用电话号码添加到您的电子邮件签名,说明如下。
  • If you receive missed call and voicemail notifications in your email, monitor these frequently.
  • 看法call forwarding instructions below.
  • If additional options are needed, submit a request through LITS Shopping Cart (requires VPN access).
    • 注意:由于当前请求卷,订单可能会延迟。

Microsoft Programs (365, Outlook, Word, Excel, etc.)

  • 您可以通过Web上的Outlook访问您的电子邮件并通过Web上的Outlook管理您的日历和联系人,而无需使用下面的链接登录EHC工作区。
  • You can access other Office 365 applications, such as Word, PowerPoint, and Excel, outside the virtual desktops through Outlook webmail using the links below.


  • Note: Open Zoom in the Internet browser installed on your machine (not a browser inside the virtual desktop) for an optimal experience.
  • This means do not click a Zoom Meeting link from within the virtual desktop Outlook and have it auto-launch Zoom.
  • Use your local browser to go to the Zoom Link and enter the meeting code there.


e-Vantage: A self-service, online benefits and payroll tool, e-Vantage, allows you to view your EHC pay advice and current benefits plan enrollment, as well as update your personal contact information from any computer with Internet access.


Microsoft Teams: A software platform included in Office 365 that combines workplace chat, video meetings, file storage, and file collaboration, and applications integration.